I honestly just want all of this to end.
Tomorrow is the first day of school and I got sick. Have a fever. And it's come from 37,7 to 38,1 already.
finals number whatever already
Exams are passed!
Please, don't kill me.
I'm having the best time of my life.
Maybe I'll tell you later.
hello, darkness, my old friend
I feel my post-birthday depression coming up. It's rather late this year.
It actually has nothing to do with my birthday, but hey! Whatever. Need to get rid of it. Fast. I have no time for depression.

So, a few days ago I finished all my exams and got only good marks. That's great.
The weather is lovely, I missed sun so much. That's amazing.
I have almost two weeks of rest and I can actually do nothing and be cool about it. That's unbelievable.

Overall? I feel great. Not "constantly happy and smiling like an idiot" great, but great nonetheless. Finally.

they say crazy is popular; well, fuck
This year (from last September to current one) was the craziest year of my life. It was the happiest and the most miserable of all. I'm grateful for it and I want it gone from my life.
This year was complicated. I loved it. And I hated it.
But I guess, no matter what I say or feel, I don't really regret having it. It taught me quite a lot.
I'm accepting it. And moving on.
tired of sitting at home
I want my days to be full of emotions and colours. Again.
I guess I really want the university to start already.
New people.
New knowledge.
New experience.
New life.
New me.
afraid to be happy
I got in, I think?
I got in.
But I'm afraid to be fully happy and glad cause I'm scared the lists are not final. Waiting for the 3rd to prove it.
English teacher or not
I'm still gonna reach my goal.
I'm going to be a teacher.
No matter what.
scared like a baby
Going to apply documents for Universities.
Scared and nervous.
God, I hope I'm gonna be lucky at least in this case. Like, c'mon, I've had enough.
when it rains, it pours
Why can I never have one problem at a time? It always has to be a shit load of them.
And yes, I think I got over. I THINK. Ha. I hope.
But all the other stuff won't just disappear. And I so want it to. To resolve itself.

I just wanna be happy. For a moment. Truly happy.
иду по универу с надеждой не видеть бывших однокурсников. но, как и положено, встретила почти всех. курса со второго у меня началось тотальное разочарование в них. не знаю, наверное, просто не мое. бывает ведь так, кому-то климат не подходит, а мне вот люди.

Обитель зла.

по универу начинают бегать мамочки-квочки со своими чадами, которые то ли поступают, то ли пытаются закончить обучение. а моя мама переживает, что без степени магистра у меня жизнь сломается и я стану неким уродом. конечно, я утрирую, но доля правды все же присутствует. бакалавр в философской области меня более чем устраивает, а добивать степени, если я не занимаюсь работать преподом, смысла нет.