Electric Wizard - The Chosen Few

Sometimes you just desperately need to listen to some garbage to fully enjoy true sound. Back to the roots.

Assembling new playlist for running, legs feel completely retarded without any load.


Pelican - Dead Between The Walls

Nobody can take your music away. It't in your ears, in your mind forever.

Metal such a specific genre, with tremendous variety of sub genres and styles, it's unbelievable how different music is. For any mood and emotions. I always have something to listen to, 300GB of sludge, doom, metal, stoner, post metal, psychedelic, indie, rock goodness.

Sweet sweet stuff.


YOB - Breathing From The Shallows

Coffee is not just a drink for me, it's something absolutely terrible. Every time i'm doing a break, it's become very clear how bad it is for my head. It's just another level of absolute stupidity of thought process, inability to concentrate on the code, i just can't do nothing new. Creative switch goes off completely. I know i could run on coffee, it's not bothering me, it's fun to taste, but jeez, it's so devastating. I was absolutely calm these past weeks in every situation until one cup of coffee, tremendous. I'ts not just a buzz in the head, it's very similar to sedative, i feel like a retard.


YOB - Catharsis (from 8:30)

Could you even imagine how sweet could be to ride and listen to this fucking music and hr sound sound of the bike. Could be sick.


Windhand - Kingfisher

Redoing summer core for another simplier project and realizing how much work was actually done at that time. I was obsessed with simple functionality and unification for everything. I just remember how scared i was to be confused in my own code jungles, i never programmed like "normal" people do, classes and files that couldn't be seen on the screen made me insane very fast, i still can't store in brain hierarchy of connections at all, i need very straight forward simple stuff. But i do complex thing fast and very readable because they always made in the most simple way. But summer is kinda complex in general lol. The main complexity in amount of code for rendering raw html to display themes. I even bought huge cork board for illustrating summer files, but never put it together lol, still empty board.

I'm very glad to do this project right now, redoing almost every part of the summer to execute stuff another way is very refreshing, and summer will be with new functions on the board.

иногда я просто не догоняю, я шо по умолчанию не мог слушать "обычную" музыку как все, шосомнойнетак.

пошли нахуй со своим быдло говном, сладж навсегда \_/


Lightning Dust - Breathe

Sound is not loud enough. Keep it high. Listen.


Black Mountain - Heart of Snow (from 1:27)

I couldn't remember where is this part from exactly. New song Licensed To Drive has the same feel to it in the beginning.

Music, pictures, smell. My brain totally works in wordless descriptions. Stupid ability to not be able to describe or explain anything reasonable.

I solemnly swear that i'm up to write more.


Isis - Weight

Atomic reactor on anti depressants is the most boring looking thing, grey and dull outside. Energy endlessly growing inside without any possibility to escape from the protective rodes. It's so powerful but without any use. No possibility to do what it's suppose to do, generate massive amount of bright power and energy. Instead a little bursts of flame in the special area just to keep it safe. Another boring useless machine.


Metallica - One (from 4:33)

Every decision is not right, but to not make any decision is fatal. Good enough should be accepted without any regrets until it was made in time, otherwise, own thoughts and fear will imprison yourself with endless amount of past possibilities, which doesn't matter anymore.


Rosetta - Monument (8:22)

Endless labirint without any sign of ending, doors and paths are relentlessly changing their colors, textures and forms are never the same. Figuring out patterns make no sense, each time they are different enough to not be valid. Running forward, until everything will be destroyed, to find the right door. One of the thouthands could be opened, but each attempt destroyes part of you, piece of the most valuable thing you have. When the right door is opened, you can see how good could be over there, but in the moment it shuts down and you left with destroyed piece inside. Amount of struggle destroyes ability to imagine, leaves skill to see endless amount of wrong possibilities. Can only be humble enought to continue running through, take all of the doors, break and swallow them and continue to search for more.


U.S. Christmas - Silent Tongue

Мысли и эмоции в музыке и фотографии. Вся информация открыта, ассоциативно сохранена в памяти и абсолютно скрыта без текста.