my broken mind
a new low
Wow. Yes, great, Ann. Let's get so stressed you randomly cry and be hysterical. A fucking dream, right?
feel broken
So, I'm back with my god-awful mood. Yup. It's sticking. I thought it'd go away, but it's here to stay.
I don't know if it's just autumn depression or something worse. Good things happen to me one after another and I don't feel them. Only realize them with my mind.
It's been almost two months and I still feel bad, the pills that usually tone down my anxiety didn't help and I don't know what to do.
Books help a little bit, but not for long, only while I'm reading and maybe right after…
I hope it passes soon. I can't go on like that. It's exhausting.
fucking anxiety or OCD; or both
You know what I'm great at? Coming up with obsessive thoughts. And it doesn't have to be anything sad or bad or anything. It can be something like "I need to drink water". Aaand that's it. I'm done for, until I go and do that. Or something like "I need to know how Agamemnon died exactly" while I'm in a middle of a sentence while reading a book… It honestly drives me crazy.
Usually happens when I'm trying to fall asleep, but not always. Great ability you have there, girl. Keep it up.
too personal
I should… I need to learn how to separate myself from songs and poems. It brings up too much.
Why do I even have feelings?
fucking witch
You know how you have a habit of thinking that everything's okay and you feel better? Well, you need to lose it. Cause when you do think that, things usually go down the drain.
you'll rise again
Soon snow will cover everything.
And by the time next spring comes, I'll be completely fine.
Please, let me go.
I need a therapist or something.
slowly going crazy
I'm not particularly sad or miserable lately, but I'm highly unstable.
Don't wanna see me cry? Treat me like a fucking princess.
I know, it's stupid, and I don't really think that. I just wish people took my mental state and feelings in consideration.
мастер метафор
Я была его пластырем, а у него не хватило силы воли, чтобы не сдирать корочку.
know the truth
Broken crayons still color.
Make it your motto.
You're broken enough to do that.
the usual
Nobody likes your singing.
Shut up.
Stop annoying people.
мне только заголовки придумывать
раньше я думал, что пиратом может быть каждый. как глупо.

этажом выше.

а мы все падали, и падали, и падали вниз, пока не поняли, что уже мертвы.

грустно, что мы не такие, как все. очень грустно.

а когда взгляды пересекаются, в животе все сжимается. неприятно.

нужно, не нужно - решайте сами.

как это было глупо тогда. и поздно.

а тогда он сам же.

они же, а не мы.

все живут, мы просто.